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How does Matap help?
Post-treatment follow-up

Matap helps you to save time and
money after visiting a doctor.

Sending Test Results

You can send your test
results without any more visits.

Talk to your doctor directly

You can make calls, video chats or
text chat with your doctor directly.

How does Matap work?

Matap app is a tool for direct communication with your doctor.

Through the Matap you can:

About Us
About us

At Matap, we believe that the advancement of information technology can make access to medical services easier. In today’s big cities, the problem of traffic, doctor’s appointments, and delays in doctors’ offices are issues that have prevented a large percentage of patients from receiving medical care on time. Also, access to doctors may be limited in villages and remote areas. We think that access to doctors at any time and from any place is the right of patients, and Matap can make it easier to access this information using information technology. To achieve this goal, we have invited the best and most experienced doctors to cooperate in Matap, and together with them, we have developed the necessary standards for telemedicine medical services. We have also used information technology experts and the most advanced technology available to connect patients and physicians to show that there is always a better way to getting better.


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